Make Wings of Love, Inc. Your Favorite Charity on Amazon

Do you buy on Amazon? From now on, please access your customer account from this link:

The online retailer giant will donate a small amount of their profits to support our nonprofit programs every time you buy through their Smile program.

Wings of Love, Inc. will allocate the fundraised money in your favorite online mentorship programs for young entrepreneurs under 21 years old.

We want to share our experts experience on entrepreneurship issues with disadvantaged youngsters willing to succeed. A smartphone in their hands can be a learning tool and their best option to start the great, social responsible business of their life. ❤️



20 Years Helping to Help

In 2016 Wings of Love, Inc. will turn 20 years of helping to help. It’s not been easy to accomplish our goals, but we have a bunch of great nonprofit activities which have brought amazing opportunities and happiness to the beneficiaries.

Along the years, our nonprofit activities have emphasized the importance of supporting and empowering kids, because they always motivate and involve their families to create stronger communities and a wealthier future.

For two decades we’ve invested in new generations to plant the seed of a community leadership with social responsibility and love for our natural environment.

Wings of Love, Inc. has helped dozens of persons to build a new way of life for themselves and for their families by giving them the best tool to positively change the world: Education for social success.

Our organization crowdfunded scholarships for children or to train young workers in the use of computers, internet and Information Technologies (IT), when it was not an online cool trend, and we moved volunteers to promote in the streets, healthy habits to prevent the flu.

Wings of Love, Inc. is still a tiny nonprofit effort compared to what we aspire to do for the people and for our planet: Help us to help!